Skills are Combat Abilities that are possessed by Battle capable dragons, and can be used in the Dragon League and Dragon Tournament. They are divided into Physical Skills (non-elemental) and Elemental Skills. Skills can be upgraded in the Training Center (if owned) once a dragon reaches Level 10.

Physical SkillsEdit

Physical Skills are battle skills that are not dependent on the dragon's Elements. They have an instantaneous recharge (can be used every round during combat). All battle capable dragons start with the Attack I physical skill.

Once the dragon reaches Level 10, it's Physical Skill can be upgraded in the Training Center. Upgrading a Physical Skill costs: ResourceGold. The Damage Increase from upgrading a Physical Skill is determined by the rarity of the dragon.


  • In the following chart, ># is used to represent additional levels of the proceeding skill. (i.e. [Skill Level 4] is the Power Attack II physical skill)
Physical Battle Skills
Skill Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Skill Icon
Cost (ResourceGold)
N/A 75K 100K 100K 125K 150K 200K 200K 250K 250K 300K 300K 400K 500K
Training Time N/A 6h 7h 8h 8h 10h 10h 11h 12h 12h 16h 16h 18h 18h
Skill Name Attack Power Attack Double Attack
Skill Level 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28
Skill Icon
Cost (ResourceGold)
600K 700K 800K 900K 1,000K 1,100K 1,200K 1,300K 1,400K 1,500K 1,600K 1,700K 1,800K 1,900K
Training Time 20h 22h 22h 24h 24h 26h 26h 28h 30h 32h 34h 36h 38h 38h
Skill Name Serial Attack Sweep
Skill Level 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42
Cost (ResourceGold)
2,000K 2,100K 2,200K 2,300K 2,400K 2,500K 2,600K 2,700K 2,800K 2,900K 3,000K 3,100K 3,200K 3,300K
Training Time 40h 42h 44h 44h 46h 48h 50h 50h 52h 54h 56h 56h 58h 60h
Skill Name Sweep
Damage Physical Skill Damage Values: Common - Uncommon - Rare - Magnificent - Unique

Physical Skill DescriptionsEdit

Physical Skills
  Tier   Name Icon Description
Tier 1 Attack AttackPhysicalSkill The dragon can use its sharp claws and teeth to attack the enemy. Sometimes one such blow can be enough to ensure victory.
Tier 2 Power Attack PowerAttackPhysicalSkill The dragon can summon the power of its element and use it to crush the enemy. If the other dragon gets sloppy and lets an attack like that hit it, that's the end of the battle.
Tier 3 Double Attack DoubleAttackPhysicalSkill One blow is good. Two are better. This simple rule often brings victory to those who remember it in time.
Tier 4 Serial Attack SerialAttackPhysicalSkill When preparing to block an attack your opponent will usually expect a power attack. A serial attack, which gives no time to recover, is more of a surprise. It’s often just what you need to clinch a long-awaited victory.
Tier 5 Sweep SweepPhysicalSkill A sweep is a tornado of attacks that stuns your enemy and prevents him from going on the offensive. Don’t give up the initiative and victory will be yours!

Elemental SkillsEdit

Elemental Skills are battle skills that are dependent on the dragon's Elements. They have at least a 1 round recharge (can only be used every-other round during combat). Elemental Skills above Skill Level 7 (3rd tier skills) have a 2 round recharge (can only be used every-third round during combat). All battle capable dragons start with at least one [Skill Level 1] elemental skill determined by their dragon type. Dragons generally start with the most basic of the elemental attacks, so a coral dragon (water and nature) would start with poison spit, the nature attack.

Once the dragon reaches Level 10, Elemental Skills can be upgraded in the Training Center. Upgrading an Elemental Skill costs: ResourceGold and the appropriate element's Essences. The Damage Increase from upgrading an Elemental Skill is determined by the rarity of the dragon.

A dragon can only possess each Elemental Skill in 1 skill slot, however, a single dragon CAN posses multiple skills from the same element. (e.g. A Shadow Dragon could possess the Raven Call skill in one slot, and the Dark Touch skill in another slot, but would not be able to upgrade the Dark Touch skill beyond Dark Touch IV, which would result in having Raven Call in 2 slots.)


  • In the following chart, ># is used to represent additional levels of the proceeding skill. (i.e. FireBattleIcon [Skill Level 10] is the Eruption IV elemental skill.)
  • The cost given for [Skill Level 1] references the cost of changing a hybrid or rare dragon's elemental skill, or acquiring an additional elemental skill in a purchased skill slot.
  • For the cost listed: The first line is in Gold (ResourceGold); The second line is the required essence(s)
    (RainbowEssence2 = Essence(s) of the same element as the skill being upgraded.)
Elemental Battle Skills
Skill Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Skill Icons

FireBreathFireSkill SubterraneanThornsEarthSkill
PoisonSpitNatureSkill WaterWhipWaterSkill
WindBurstAirSkill MagicDustMagicSkill
LightFlashLightSkill BrimstoneTwilightSkill
LifeDrainTimeSkill PlasmaBeamSpaceSkill


FlameRainFireSkill RockslideEarthSkill
FlowerVortexNatureSkill IceRingWaterSkill
FireballAirSkill MagicBladeMagicSkill
LightBeamLightSkill DarkTouchTwilightSkill
FutureShockTimeSkill AsteroidBeltSpaceSkill


EruptionFireSkill StonePressEarthSkill
SwarmNatureSkill ThundercloudWaterSkill
ThundercloudAirSkill IllusionMagicSkill
SolarWindLightSkill RavenCallTwilightSkill
WitherTimeSkill CometSpaceSkill

Upgrade Cost (ResourceGold) 80K
+1 RainbowEssence2
+1 RainbowEssence2
+1 RainbowEssence2
+1 RainbowEssence2
+2 RainbowEssence2
+2 RainbowEssence2
+2 RainbowEssence2
+3 RainbowEssence2
+3 RainbowEssence2
+3 RainbowEssence2
+4 RainbowEssence2
+4 RainbowEssence2
+4 RainbowEssence2
+4 RainbowEssence2
Training Time 6h 6h 7h 8h 8h 10h 10h 11h 12h 12h 16h 16h 17h 18h
Skill Names Fire breath Flame rain Eruption
Subterranean thorns Rockslide Stone press
Poison spit Flower vortex Swarm
Water whip Ice ring Thundercloud
Wind burst Fireball Thundercloud
Magic dust Magic blade Illusion
Light flash Light beam Solar wind
Brimstone Dark touch Raven call
Life drain Future shock Wither
Plasma beam Asteroid belt Comet
Skill Level 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28
Skill Icons

MeteorFireSkill SandstormEarthSkill
RootRageNatureSkill TsunamiWaterSkill
LightningStrikeAirSkill RuneHelixMagicSkill
PillarLightLightSkill EclipseTwilightSkill
PendulumFateTimeSkill SupernovaSpaceSkill


InfernoFireSkill RockPileEarthSkill
SilvanSpiritNatureSkill WaterSpiritWaterSkill
TornadoAirSkill RubyRayMagicSkill
ShootingStarLightSkill SummonSpiritsTwilightSkill
OblivionTimeSkill BlackHoleSpaceSkill

Upgrade Cost (ResourceGold) 700K
+5 RainbowEssence2
+5 RainbowEssence2
+5 RainbowEssence2
+5 RainbowEssence2
+6 RainbowEssence2
+6 RainbowEssence2
+6 RainbowEssence2
+6 RainbowEssence2
+7 RainbowEssence2
+7 RainbowEssence2
+7 RainbowEssence2
+7 RainbowEssence2
+7 RainbowEssence2
+8 RainbowEssence2
Training Time 20h 22h 22h 24h 24h 26h 28h 30h 32h 34h 36h 38h 40h 42h
Skill Names Meteor Inferno
Sandstorm Rock pile
Root rage Silvan spirit
Tsunami Water spirit
Lightning strike Tornado
Rune helix Ruby ray
Pillar of light Shooting star
Eclipse Summon spirits
Pendulum of fate Oblivion
Supernova Black hole
Skill Level 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42
Skill Icons >III >IV >V >VI >VII >VIII >IX >X >XI >XII >XIII >XIV >XV >XVI
Upgrade Cost (ResourceGold) 3,600K
+8 RainbowEssence2
+8 RainbowEssence2
+8 RainbowEssence2
+8 RainbowEssence2
+9 RainbowEssence2
+9 RainbowEssence2
+9 RainbowEssence2
+9 RainbowEssence2
+9 RainbowEssence2
+10 RainbowEssence2
+10 RainbowEssence2
+10 RainbowEssence2
+10 RainbowEssence2
+10 RainbowEssence2
Training Time 44h 46h 48h 50h 52h 54h 56h 58h 60h 62h 64h 66h 68h 70h
Skill Names Inferno
Rock pile
Silvan spirit
Water spirit
Ruby ray
Shooting star
Summon spirits
Black hole
Damage Elemental Skill Damage Values: Common - Uncommon - Rare - Magnificent - Unique

Elemental Skill DescriptionsEdit

FireBattleIcon EarthBattleIcon NatureBattleIcon WaterBattleIcon AirBattleIcon MagicBattleIcon LightBattleIcon TwilightBattleIcon TimeBattleIcon SpaceBattleIcon
Elemental Skills
  Tier   Name Icon Description
Fire Skills
Tier 1 Fire breath FireBreathFireSkill A jet of red-hot flames can incinerate any obstacle that may stand in your way. Only dragon scales can withstand the heat.
Tier 2 Flame rain FlameRainFireSkill Streams of liquid flames pour down from the sky, turning everything to ashes and charcoal. There isn't much that can stand up to the fire element's onslaught.
Tier 3 Eruption EruptionFireSkill Flames and burning lava gush up from the earth in a fiery column. It's difficult to stay on your feet when the soil around you begins to sizzle!
Tier 4 Meteor MeteorFireSkill A mass of hard rock falls from a terrific height, reaching an inconceivable temperature. Few people know why the meteor hits just the right place. But when it does, you’d better stay far away!
Tier 5 Inferno InfernoFireSkill A fiery vortex instantly transforms any part of space into a cloud of white-hot plasma. Flames strike from all sides and the heat twists into cords that can incinerate with just one touch.
Earth Skills
Tier 1 Subterranean thorns SubterraneanThornsEarthSkill Sharp stone thorns claw up from the bowels of the earth to crush your enemy. These granite needles hold all the element's power - nothing can repel a headlong attack!
Tier 2 Rockslide RockslideEarthSkill The elemental force invokes a terrible rockslide. Even ancient rocks shudder during rockslides - living creatures have nowhere to go to withstand this power!
Tier 3 Stone press StonePressEarthSkill Swiftly closing stone walls capable of crushing to powder everything that comes between them. A terrible blow of rock on rock - that's what the stone press is.
Tier 4 Sandstorm SandstormEarthSkill Clouds of sand shoot upward into the air and then collapse with incredible force on your enemy. Whoever survives this attack faces a long struggle to climb out from under the layers of sand.
Tier 5 Rock pile RockPileEarthSkill An enormous rock falls to the earth, burying everything under a mountain of stones. It might have once been part of a flying island, but now it’s only a hunk of cold rock.
Nature Skills
Tier 1 Poison spit PoisonSpitNatureSkill A stream of venom capable of dissolving even metal is a dangerous weapon. Having this weapon is extremely useful. Clashing with it is highly undesirable.
Tier 2 Flower vortex FlowerVortexNatureSkill Just like the other elements, nature can create and it can destroy. Even a vortex of beautiful flowers can become a formidable weapon in the hands of someone who knows how to use it.
Tier 3 Swarm SwarmNatureSkill A swarm of poisonous insects is a hazardous foe that is nearly impossible to escape. Nothing can save you from a thousand sharp stingers jabbing violently from all sides.
Tier 4 Root rage RootRageNatureSkill Hard, knotty roots tear up through the earth and instantly ensnare your enemy. Nobody will want to be in his shoes when these wooden tentacles begin to tighten their grip.
Tier 5 Silvan spirit SilvanSpiritNatureSkill The silvan spirit is a huge blind force that can sweep away any obstacle in your path. Anyone who can control it is a formidable opponent indeed.
Water Skills
Tier 1 Water whip WaterWhipWaterSkill Under the influence of an unseen power, water twists into a tight whip and rushes toward your enemy, destroying everything in its path. The water whip's blow can split even the strongest stone!
Tier 2 Ice ring IceRingWaterSkill Icy spikes charge your enemy from all sides, crashing with an awful cracking sound. Only chunks of ice and a small snow drift will remain where the ice ring passed!
Tier 3 Thundercloud ThundercloudWaterSkill Water currents emerge from the air and surround your enemy. But the greatest danger is not from the water, but rather from the instantaneous drop in temperature and icy explosion that occurs in the center of the whirlpool.
Tier 4 Tsunami TsunamiWaterSkill This giant wave can crush any obstacle. Nothing can stand before the onslaught of the water element in the form of an enormous tsunami!
Tier 5 Water spirit WaterSpiritWaterSkill The water spirit is an unembodied, invisible substance. But when summoned, it becomes a dangerous foe - even for a dragon. Indeed, it is the element itself!
Air Skills
Tier 1 Wind burst WindBurstAirSkill A gust of icy wind whips up and vanishes in an instant. But it's enough time for the cold to lock up muscles like a vise.
Tier 2 Fireball FireballAirSkill A fireball rapidly expands, gaining strength, and then explodes with a full cascade of striking flashes. A fireball attack can instantly incinerate a giant tree!
Tier 3 Thundercloud ThundercloudAirSkill A fast-flying threat brings a piercing cold wind and flawlessly accurate lightning. Nobody can escape the wrath of this element!
Tier 4 Lightning strike LightningStrikeAirSkill A charge of electricity passing through a dragon is multiplied and then rushes your enemy to explode into a shower of biting lightning.
Tier 5 Tornado TornadoAirSkill A tempestuous hurricane lifts rocks, trees, and the remains of buildings it has destroyed into the air and hurls them with unthinkable speed. The tornado pulverizes everything it hits.
Magic Skills
Tier 1 Magic dust MagicDustMagicSkill Charges of pure magical energy can fly over any distance before finding their target. And when they do, it's best to keep your distance!
Tier 2 Magic blade MagicBladeMagicSkill A phantom sword woven from threads of pure magic - it can cut through every layer of reality. Wounds from this weapon are much more dangerous than they may appear at first glance.
Tier 3 Illusion IllusionMagicSkill This magical charge masquerades as an ordinary dragon. While your enemy prepares to repel attacks from the legs or tail, the charge zooms forward and explodes in a cloud of stinging sparks.
Tier 4 Rune helix RuneHelixMagicSkill Ancient runic magic embodied in three-dimensional spirals turns inside out everything that comes between them. There are some who can resist this power.
Tier 5 Ruby ray RubyRayMagicSkill A ray of pure magical energy bursts through a gap in the universe and incinerates every speck of reality in its path. Only kinship with the elements allows dragons to withstand this attack.
Light Skills
Tier 1 Light flash LightFlashLightSkill Even a small charge of light's energy is a threatening weapon in skilled hands. Many vanquished foes have underestimated it until it was too late.
Tier 2 Light beam LightBeamLightSkill The sun's light is pleasant and warm only at a great distance. A direct attack from this light mercilessly burns everything it touches.
Tier 3 Solar wind SolarWindLightSkill An elemental sphere filled with a solar wind. It releases beams of light containing a concentrated form of pure energy. Getting in their way is a very bad idea.
Tier 4 Pillar of light PillarLightLightSkill A pillar of light is a most powerful charge of elemental energy that rushes from the sky to the earth. Wherever it strikes, it leaves only a patch of scorched earth and melted rock.
Tier 5 Shooting star ShootingStarLightSkill When a star falls it releases a spectacular amount of elemental energy. You should not be standing where it’s headed.
Twilight Skills
Tier 1 Brimstone BrimstoneTwilightSkill Toxic sulfur fumes gather into whole clouds of caustic gas. Whoever suddenly finds himself enveloped by the cloud must quickly think of something to breathe.
Tier 2 Dark touch DarkTouchTwilightSkill The dark touch is an extremely dangerous skill. It drains the life force from any dragon in its path. Defending against this dark magic is very difficult.
Tier 3 Raven call RavenCallTwilightSkill A huge flock of ravens assaults your enemy. Their stony beaks can pierce even dragon scales. Only a very powerful dragon can hold out in this uneven fight.
Tier 4 Eclipse EclipseTwilightSkill An eclipse isn’t just an atmospheric phenomenon. This dark magic seals energy streams, temporarily breaking a dragon’s link with all of the elements. Few can endure it.
Tier 5 Summon spirits SummonSpiritsTwilightSkill A hole in the fabric of reality opens a direct channel to the dark element, which begins to devour everything that happens to be nearby. The only chance of escaping destruction is to - run away!
Time Skills
Tier 1 Life drain LifeDrainTimeSkill Invisible tendrils sap the enemy's life force, weakening him and driving him to despair. This happens so quickly that the enemy barely has time to realize what happened.
Tier 2 Future shock FutureShockTimeSkill A reflection of the future shows what might happen to the dragon. But only a select few are ready to learn what awaits them in the future.
Tier 3 Wither WitherTimeSkill The sands of time fall upon the dragon, aging and weakening it, sapping its strength and clouding its mind.
Tier 4 Pendulum of fate PendulumFateTimeSkill The pendulum of fate deals massive damage to the dragon's very being. This is a very powerful skill. It should be used with great care.
Tier 5 Oblivion OblivionTimeSkill The dragon sinks into oblivion and is transported to the time when it first hatched. When it comes back to reality it takes heavy damage.
Space Skills
Tier 1 Plasma beam PlasmaBeamSpaceSkill A powerful plasma charge strikes the dragon, literally cleaving through space. Very few dragons could stay on their feet after such a blow.
Tier 2 Asteroid belt AsteroidBeltSpaceSkill Asteroids spin furiously around the dragon and, once they reach the speed of light, shatter into tiny particles, dealing massive damage to the enemy.
Tier 3 Comet CometSpaceSkill A white-hot comet flies at enormous speed through layers of the atmosphere, striking the enemy with incredible force. The blow is so powerful that few dragons have scales tough enough to withstand it.
Tier 4 Supernova SupernovaSpaceSkill Tiny stellar fragments combine to form an enormous beam of light that becomes a dazzling flash. And so a supernova of unprecedented power is born.
Tier 5 Black hole BlackHoleSpaceSkill A black hole spins slowly at first, then becomes faster and faster. When it reaches maximum speed it literally pulls the ground out from under the enemy. Even dragons that has mastered this skill use it with extreme caution.
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