As a Dragon defeats other dragons in the Dragon League or Dragon Tournament it will gain ranks. The rank of a dragon affects it's health points and battle strength. Every time a dragon achieves a killing blow against another dragon it will gain a point toward the next rank, even if you lose or surrender afterwards.

The maximum rank any dragon can achieve is IX (9). 

   Rank    Victories Required
for Rank
Total Victories
for Rank
Multiplier *
0 / None 0 0 1
Rank I Emblem 5 5 1.05
Rank II Emblem 10 15 1.1
Rank III Emblem 35 50 1.15
Rank IV Emblem 50 100 1.2
Rank V Emblem 50 150 1.25
Rank VI Emblem 100 250 1.3
Rank VII Emblem 100 350 1.35
Rank VIII Emblem 150 500 1.4
Rank IX Emblem 200 700 1.5

  • The Power Multiplier affects Health Points for the dragon.
  • To determine a dragons effective Health, multiply the base number (the amount of health a Rank 0 dragon has with the specific rarity) with the Power Multiplier for the dragon's current Rank. This will give you the effective Health for that dragon.
  • The Power Multiplier also affects the Attack Damage Points for the dragon, but to a lesser extent than it has for the Health Points.
  • The Attack Damage increases (when ranked up) by a value that depends on the dragon's rarity, current skill level, and type of attack (physical or elemental). This increase is the same no matter what the dragon's level is.
  • As of 30 March, 2015, a game update changed the victories required for rank III-IX (e.g. total victories required for rank IX changed from 255 to 700).
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