Random Dragon Eggs are special eggs that may be purchased directly from the Store for Crystals (ResourceCrystal) or collected as a reward from the Daily Rewards. They cannot be received from breeding, or any other method.

Each of these special eggs will hatch into a random, previously released, Limited Hybrid Dragon, as indicated on the following tables. The types of dragons that can be received depends upon the type of Random Egg purchased or rewarded.

  • Each dragon listed for the type of Random Egg purchased or rewarded, has a chance of hatching from the egg that depends on whether the player already has this dragon (much higher probability is given to a dragon the player does not have yet).
  • Newly released Limited Dragons are not currently available from Random Eggs.

All Random Eggs have a 32h Incubation time. During the egg's incubation, only the Random Egg's image will appear in the Nursery, so the breeder will not know which dragon will be received until the egg hatches.

Random Egg ProbabilityEdit

The probability to hatch a dragon that the player does not have yet, can be calculated from this formula:

y / (y + 0.1 * (x - y))

  • x is the number of different eggs of which one of them can hatch from the Random Egg.
  • y is the number of dragons from this Random Egg that the player does NOT have yet.
  • 0.1 is a lower probability factor that are used for dragons that the player already have (x - y).

Example 1: The player does not have half of the dragons that the Random Egg has a chance to hatch (y = x/2):

  • (x/2) / ((x/2) + 0.1 * (x - x/2 )) = (x/2) / (1.1 * (x/2)) = 1/1.1 = 0.909 ~ 91% chance

Example 2: The player is only missing one dragon (y = 1) and the Random Egg has a chance of x = 16 different eggs to hatch:

  • 1 / (1 + 0.1 * (16 - 1)) = 0.4 = 40% chance

Dragons Available From Random Eggs (213)

Unknown Egg
Cost - 1,000ResourceCrystal
Image Dragon Rarity # Elements Original Availability
BambooDragonStore Bamboo 1GoldStar 2 NatureMagic Dragon Tournament
BrightwingDragonStore Brightwing 1GoldStar 2 FireAir IAP
ChitinousDragonStore Chitinous 1GoldStar 2 NatureTwilight IAP
CloakwingDragonStore Cloakwing 1GoldStar 2 FireAir IAP
CucumberDragonStore Cucumber 1GoldStar 2 NatureWater IAP
EarthquakeDragonStore Earthquake 1GoldStar 3 EarthNatureAir Dragon Tournament
EmeraldDragonStore Emerald 1GoldStar 3 EarthNatureAir Dragon Tournament
EucalyptusDragonStore Eucalyptus 1SilverStar 2 EarthNature Dragon Tournament
FishDragonStore Fish 1SilverStar 2 NatureWater Dragon Tournament
GenieDragonStore Genie 1GoldStar 2 AirMagic Dragon Tournament
Insect-LikeDragonStore Insect-Like 1GoldStar 2 EarthNature IAP
PegasusDragonStore Pegasus 1GoldStar 2 EarthAir IAP
SatinDragonStore Satin 1GoldStar 2 AirMagic IAP
TectonicDragonStore Tectonic 1GoldStar 3 EarthNatureWater IAP
WatermelonDragonStore Watermelon 1SilverStar 2 NatureWater Dragon Tournament
WillowDragonStore Willow 1GoldStar 2 NatureLight IAP

Mysterious Egg
Cost - 1,500ResourceCrystal
Image Dragon Rarity # Elements Original Availability
BlizzardDragonStore Blizzard 1GoldStar 3 WaterAirMagic IAP
BunnyDragonStore Bunny 1GoldStar 3 EarthNatureAir Quest
CoastalDragonStore Coastal 2GoldStars 3 EarthNatureWater IAP
CookieDragonStore Cookie 1GoldStar 3 FireEarthMagic Quest
CrystallineDragonStore Crystalline 1GoldStar 2 EarthLight IAP
GiraffeDragonStore Giraffe 2GoldStars 3 FireEarthNature Dragon Tournament
IvyDragonStore Ivy 1GoldStar 3 NatureAirTwilight IAP
KangarooDragonStore Kangaroo 1GoldStar 3 EarthNatureMagic IAP
LuminescentDragonStore Luminescent 1GoldStar 2 LightTwilight IAP
MagneticDragonStore Magnetic 1GoldStar 3 EarthMagicTwilight Dragon Tournament
MalachiteDragonStore Malachite 1GoldStar 2 EarthTwilight IAP
MithrilDragonStore Mithril 1GoldStar 3 EarthAirMagic Dragon Tournament
NorthernDragonStore Northern 2GoldStars 3 EarthWaterAir Dragon Tournament
PandaDragonStore Panda 1GoldStar 3 EarthNatureLight IAP
PorcupineDragonStore Porcupine 1GoldStar 3 EarthNatureTwilight IAP
Santa'sHelperDragonStore Santa's Helper 1GoldStar 3 NatureAirMagic Quest
Six-WingedDragonStore Six-Winged 1GoldStar 3 NatureAirMagic IAP
SnailDragonStore Snail 1GoldStar 3 EarthNatureTwilight Dragon Tournament
StealthDragonStore Stealth 1GoldStar 3 NatureAirMagic IAP
SurpriseDragonStore Surprise 1GoldStar 3 FireNatureLight IAP
WhiteDragonStore White 1GoldStar 3 WaterAirMagic IAP

Secret Egg
Cost - 2,000ResourceCrystal
Image Dragon Rarity # Elements Original Availability
ArmadilloDragonStore Armadillo 2GoldStars 3 EarthNatureTwilight IAP
BananaDragonStore Banana 2GoldStars 3 EarthNatureLight Dragon Tournament
CelticDragonStore Celtic 2GoldStars 3 EarthMagicTwilight IAP
CircusDragonStore Circus 2GoldStars 3 FireAirMagic Dragon Tournament
CrocodileDragonStore Crocodile 2GoldStars 4 FireEarthNatureWater IAP
ForestThicketDragonStore Forest Thicket 2GoldStars 3 NatureMagicTwilight Dragon Tournament
GargoyleDragonStore Gargoyle 1GoldStar 3 EarthMagicTwilight Dragon Tournament
KrakenDragonStore Kraken 1GoldStar 3 NatureWaterTwilight Dragon Tournament
MantisDragonStore Mantis 1GoldStar 4 FireNatureAirMagic Dragon Tournament
PolarDragonStore Polar 2GoldStars 3 EarthWaterLight IAP
RhinoDragonStore Rhino 2GoldStars 3 NatureWaterTwilight IAP
SandStormDragonStore Sand Storm 2GoldStars 3 EarthAirLight IAP
SnowySummitDragonStore Snowy Summit 1GoldStar 3 EarthWaterAir IAP
SparklerDragonStore Sparkler 1GoldStar 3 FireMagicLight IAP
SunflowerDragonStore Sunflower 2GoldStars 3 NatureMagicLight IAP
Two-HumpedDragonStore Two-Humped 2GoldStars 3 FireEarthLight Dragon Tournament
UnicornDragonStore Unicorn 2GoldStars 3 NatureMagicLight Dragon Tournament
YinYangDragonStore Yin Yang 2GoldStars 3 NatureLightTwilight Dragon Tournament

Inexplicable Egg
Cost - 2,150ResourceCrystal
Image Dragon Rarity # Elements Original Availability
BlackDragonStore Black 2GoldStars 4 EarthAirMagicTwilight Dragon Tournament
BoarDragonStore Boar 2GoldStars 4 FireNatureMagicTwilight IAP
CardsharkDragonStore Cardshark 2GoldStars 4 FireAirMagicTwilight IAP
CheeseDragonStore Cheese 2GoldStars 4 FireWaterMagicLight Quest
CloudDragonStore Cloud 2GoldStars 4 NatureAirMagicLight Elemental Chest
CoffeeDragonStore Coffee 2GoldStars 4 FireEarthNatureTwilight Dragon Tournament
CyclopsDragonStore Cyclops 2GoldStars 3 EarthNatureMagic Quest
DairyDragonStore Dairy 2GoldStars 3 NatureWaterLight Quest
EffulgentDragonStore Effulgent 2GoldStars 4 FireAirMagicLight Limited Breeding
FeatheryDragonStore Feathery 2GoldStars 3 NatureAirMagic Dragon Tournament
Four-WingedDragonStore Four-Winged 2GoldStars 4 FireEarthAirMagic IAP
GothicDragonStore Gothic 2GoldStars 4 FireNatureAirLight IAP
JewelryDragonStore Jewelry 2GoldStars 4 EarthAirMagicLight Dragon Tournament
MosswingDragonStore Mosswing 2GoldStars 4 EarthNatureWaterLight Dragon Tournament
MossyDragonStore Mossy 1GoldStar 2 NatureTwilight Quest
PeacockDragonStore Peacock 2GoldStars 4 NatureAirMagicLight IAP
PenguinDragonStore Penguin 2GoldStars 4 EarthNatureWaterTwilight IAP
PermafrostDragonStore Permafrost 2GoldStars 4 EarthWaterAirTime IAP
PlushDragonStore Plush 2GoldStars 3 NatureAirMagic Dragon Tournament
PomegranateDragonStore Pomegranate 2GoldStars 4 FireEarthNatureLight IAP
PorcelainDragonStore Porcelain 2GoldStars 4 FireEarthMagicLight IAP
PrimordialDragonStore Primordial 2GoldStars 3 NatureAirTwilight Dragon Tournament
RiddleDragonStore Riddle 2GoldStars 4 FireNatureAirMagic IAP
ShamanicDragonStore Shamanic 2GoldStars 3 EarthNatureMagic IAP
SouthernDragonStore Southern 2GoldStars 3 FireNatureLight Dragon Tournament
SubterraneanDragonStore Subterranean 2GoldStars 3 EarthWaterTwilight IAP
TreeDecorationDragonStore Tree Decoration 2GoldStars 4 FireEarthMagicLight IAP

Enigmatic Egg
Cost - 2,750ResourceCrystal
Image Dragon Rarity # Elements Original Availability
AzureDragonStore Azure 2GoldStars 4 FireWaterAirLight Quest
BattleDragonStore Battle 2GoldStars 4 EarthWaterAirMagic Dragon Tournament
ColdfireDragonStore Coldfire 2GoldStars 3 FireWaterMagic IAP
CornDragonStore Corn 2GoldStars 4 EarthNatureMagicLight Quest
GhostDragonStore Ghost 2GoldStars 4 FireNatureAirTwilight Dragon Tournament
JellyfishDragonStore Jellyfish 2GoldStars 4 NatureWaterMagicTwilight Quest
KnightDragonStore Knight 2GoldStars 4 EarthAirMagicLight Quest
RisingSunDragonStore Rising Sun 2GoldStars 3 FireMagicLight Quest
RootDragonStore Root 2GoldStars 4 EarthNatureMagicLight Quest
RubyDragonStore Ruby 2GoldStars 3 EarthMagicLight Dragon Tournament
RuneDragonStore Rune 1GoldStar 3 EarthMagicTwilight IAP
ScandinavianDragonStore Scandinavian 2GoldStars 4 FireEarthWaterTwilight IAP
SparkleDragonStore Sparkle 2GoldStars 4 FireWaterLightTwilight Quest
TeaDragonStore Tea 2GoldStars 4 NatureAirMagicLight Limited Breeding

Unbelievable Egg
Cost - 2,950ResourceCrystal
Image Dragon Rarity # Elements Original Availability
AncientDragonStore Ancient 2GoldStars 3 EarthNatureTime Dragon Tournament
BerylDragonStore Beryl 2GoldStars 4 EarthNatureMagicLight Quest
BookDragonStore Book 2GoldStars 4 FireEarthMagicTime Quest
ClayDragonStore Clay 2GoldStars 3 EarthWaterTwilight IAP
CoinDragonStore Coin 2GoldStars 4 FireEarthTwilightSpace Quest
CourtlyDragonStore Courtly 2GoldStars 4 WaterAirMagicTwilight Quest
DelugeDragonStore Deluge 2GoldStars 4 NatureWaterAirSpace Quest
DolphinDragonStore Dolphin 2GoldStars 4 NatureWaterMagicLight Quest
DruidDragonStore Druid 2GoldStars 3 NatureMagicSpace Quest
EnchantedDragonStore Enchanted 2GoldStars 4 FireAirMagicLight Quest
FateDragonStore Fate 2GoldStars 4 EarthMagicTwilightTime Quest
FireTritonDragonStore Fire Triton 2GoldStars 4 FireNatureTwilightTime Quest
GalvanicDragonStore Galvanic 2GoldStars 4 EarthAirMagicTime Quest
GooseDragonStore Goose 2GoldStars 4 WaterAirMagicLight Quest
GorgonDragonStore Gorgon 2GoldStars 4 NatureWaterMagicTwilight Quest
JokerDragonStore Joker 2GoldStars 4 FireWaterMagicLight Quest
JoyDragonStore Joy 2GoldStars 4 NatureWaterMagicLight Quest
MagicalDragonStore Magical 2GoldStars 4 NatureAirMagicTime Quest
MidnightDragonStore Midnight 2GoldStars 4 NatureAirMagicTwilight IAP
MistDragonStore Mist 2GoldStars 4 FireWaterLightTwilight Quest
MonkeyDragonStore Monkey 2GoldStars 4 FireMagicTwilightTime Quest
NeedleDragonStore Needle 2GoldStars 3 EarthLightTwilight Quest
NewYear'sDragonStore New Year's 2GoldStars 4 EarthNatureWaterMagic Quest
NobleDragonStore Noble 2GoldStars 4 FireWaterTwilightTime Quest
NomadDragonStore Nomad 2GoldStars 4 EarthAirMagicTime Quest
ProphetDragonStore Prophet 2GoldStars 4 NatureWaterMagicTwilight Quest
PumpkinDragonStore Pumpkin 2GoldStars 4 NatureMagicTwilightSpace Quest
RavenDragonStore Raven 2GoldStars 4 FireNatureAirTime IAP
SlumberDragonStore Slumber 2GoldStars 4 WaterAirMagicTwilight Quest
SmokeDragonStore Smoke 2GoldStars 4 EarthAirMagicTwilight Quest
SugarDragonStore Sugar 2GoldStars 4 FireNatureMagicLight Quest
SunsetDragonStore Sunset 2GoldStars 4 FireLightTwilightSpace Quest
TerracottaDragonStore Terracotta 2GoldStars 4 FireEarthNatureAir Quest
TimeTravelerDragonStore Time Traveler 2GoldStars 4 NatureMagicLightTime Quest
TotemDragonStore Totem 2GoldStars 4 FireEarthMagicTwilight Quest
TrollDragonStore Troll 2GoldStars 4 EarthNatureMagicTwilight Quest
VenetianDragonStore Venetian 2GoldStars 4 WaterAirMagicTwilight Quest
WaterfallDragonStore Waterfall 2GoldStars 4 NatureWaterMagicLight Quest
DragonofWisdomStore Wisdom 2GoldStars 4 FireEarthNatureMagic IAP

Mystical Egg
Cost - 3,350ResourceCrystal
Image Dragon Rarity # Elements Original Availability
CaneDragonStore Cane 3GoldStars 4 EarthNatureWaterTwilight IAP
ChessDragonStore Chess 3GoldStars 4 FireMagicLightTwilight IAP
ChubbyDragonStore Chubby 3GoldStars 4 EarthNatureAirMagic IAP
ClawDragonStore Claw 3GoldStars 4 EarthNatureWaterTwilight IAP
Double-HeadedDragonStore Double-Headed 3GoldStars 4 FireNatureAirMagic IAP
EarthMagicDragonStore Earth Magic 3GoldStars 4 EarthNatureMagicTwilight IAP
FireworksDragonStore Fireworks 3GoldStars 4 FireMagicLightTwilight IAP
MapleDragonStore Maple 3GoldStars 4 FireNatureAirMagic IAP
MeadowDragonStore Meadow 3GoldStars 4 NatureAirMagicLight IAP
NorthWindDragonStore North Wind 3GoldStars 4 EarthWaterAirMagic IAP
RamDragonStore Ram 3GoldStars 4 FireEarthAirLight IAP
SalamanderDragonStore Salamander 3GoldStars 4 FireNatureWaterTwilight IAP
ScorchedDragonStore Scorched 3GoldStars 3 FireEarthTwilight IAP
SharkDragonStore Shark 3GoldStars 4 WaterAirMagicTwilight Dragon Tournament
StarStoneDragonStore Star Stone 3GoldStars 3 FireEarthAir IAP
WerewolfDragonStore Werewolf 3GoldStars 3 NatureTwilightSpace Dragon Tournament

Wonderful Egg
Cost - 3,500ResourceCrystal
Image Dragon Rarity # Elements Original Availability
AbyssDragonStore Abyss 3GoldStars 4 WaterMagicTwilightSpace IAP
AdventureDragonStore Adventure 3GoldStars 4 AirMagicLightTime Dragon Tournament
AncientFlameDragonStore Ancient Flame 3GoldStars 4 FireMagicTwilightSpace Dragon Tournament
BlackHoleDragonStore Black Hole 3GoldStars 4 NatureMagicTwilightSpace IAP
Blue-WingedDragonStore Blue-Winged 3GoldStars 4 EarthWaterLightTwilight Dragon Tournament
BonyDragonStore Bony 3GoldStars 4 FireEarthNatureTwilight Dragon Tournament
BrickDragonStore Brick 3GoldStars 4 FireMagicTwilightTime Dragon Tournament
BronzeDragonStore Bronze 3GoldStars 4 EarthMagicTwilightSpace IAP
BurningDragonStore Burning 3GoldStars 4 FireMagicTwilightSpace Dragon Tournament
CentipedeDragonStore Centipede 3GoldStars 4 NatureMagicTwilightSpace Dragon Tournament
CerberusDragonStore Cerberus 3GoldStars 4 FireMagicTwilightSpace IAP
ChaosDragonStore Chaos 3GoldStars 4 FireMagicLightTwilight IAP
ChimeraDragonStore Chimera 3GoldStars 4 FireMagicTwilightSpace Dragon Tournament
ChristmasDragonStore Christmas 3GoldStars 4 NatureWaterMagicLight IAP
ChristmasStarDragonStore Christmas Star 3GoldStars 4 FireMagicLightSpace IAP
CoalDragonStore Coal 3GoldStars 4 FireEarthTwilightTime IAP
ColossusDragonStore Colossus 3GoldStars 4 EarthMagicLightTime Dragon Tournament
CryoliteDragonStore Cryolite 3GoldStars 4 WaterMagicTwilightSpace Dragon Tournament
DarkCultDragonStore Dark Cult 3GoldStars 4 AirMagicTwilightSpace IAP
DarkFireDragonStore Dark Fire 3GoldStars 3 FireTwilightSpace IAP
DejaVuDragonStore Deja Vu 3GoldStars 4 WaterAirMagicTime Dragon Tournament
DemiurgeDragonStore Demiurge 3GoldStars 4 FireMagicTimeSpace IAP
EgyptianDragonStore Egyptian 3GoldStars 4 FireLightTwilightSpace IAP
EolithicDragonStore Eolithic 3GoldStars 4 WaterMagicTwilightTime IAP
Fate2DragonStore Fate (2) 3GoldStars 4 AirMagicTwilightSpace IAP
FearDragonStore Fear 3GoldStars 4 FireTwilightTimeSpace IAP
FieryLakeDragonStore Fiery Lake 3GoldStars 4 WaterMagicTwilightTime Dragon Tournament
FireLizardDragonStore Fire Lizard 3GoldStars 4 FireMagicTwilightSpace Dragon Tournament
FlesheatingDragonStore Flesheating 3GoldStars 4 Nature