NurseryStore Available Level 1
Buy Free
Sell N/A
Experience N/A
Build Time N/A
Size 10 x 10
The Nursery will help you raise healthy dragons. If you want your little dragon to grow up to be healthy, smart and beautiful, you should start taking care of it while it's still in the egg. The Nursery will help you hatch any dragon that can be raised in the sanctuary.

The Nursery incubates dragon eggs. It starts with the capacity to hold just one egg, but can be upgraded to hold up to four at a time (see below). When ready to hatch, dragons can either be sold (which immediately grants you gold and experience) or placed in a habitat matching their elements. The egg can also be kept in the nursery in the event that your habitats are currently too full to place it there.

Note: If your Nursery is full, any dragons who are done breeding will not be able to be moved from the Breeding Cave until you free up room for an egg.

It is recommended that you use your starting crystals to upgrade the Nursery to at least two slots.


# of Slots Cost
2 35ResourceCrystal
3 200ResourceCrystal
4 600ResourceCrystal


  • Nursery (3D) - 1 slot
  • Nursery (3D) - 2 slots
  • Nursery - 4 Slots / Eggs Hatching

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