Dragons World Wiki - Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is Dragons World Wiki associated with Social Quantum?
A: No. Neither DWWiki, or any of it's contributors/admins, have any connection to SQ (that we know of). If you need to contact SQ with a support issue or other question, please use their Support Website.

Q: Who can edit pages/content on Dragons World Wiki?
A: As a wiki, the content may be edited by anyone visiting the site. The content is maintained and updated by everyone who cares to add information. The administrators are here to ensure that the edits made by contributors conform to the Wiki Rules & Policies (e.g are not spam/vulgar/inaccurate/etc.).

Certain pages, that either affect large portions of the wiki, or are semi-permanent content that should not be edited, are protected from editing by wiki contributors/visitors. If you notice an error or correction to information on one of these pages, please notify an admin and if the edit is warranted, they will do it for you.

Q: On which platforms can I play Dragons World?
A: Dragons World is available on:

SQ announced March 17, 2017, that they would no longer support the game on Facebook (it was also lacking the major updates from September 2015 and up), and the game was removed 2 weeks later.

Q: What do the abbreviations 1E, 2E, 3E and 4E stand for?
A: These abbreviations stand for the number of elements a dragon possesses:
1E - one-element (primary) dragon
2E - two-element dragon
3E - three-element dragon
4E - four-element dragon

Q: What do the abbreviations OE, ME, and IE stand for?
A: These abbreviations describe the type of element and its relationship to the other elements:
OE - Outer Element (Fire, Earth, Nature, Water, or Air)
ME - Middle Element (Magic, Light, or Twilight)
         Note: MEs were referred to as IEs before Space & Time were introduced.
IE - Inner Element (Space, Time)

Q: What do the "dragon codes" 4.2.0, 4.3.0, 3.2.0, etc. stand for?
A: These "codes" are shorthand for the number and type of elements a dragon possesses. The most common abbreviations are as follows:
4.0.0 - 4E dragon with 0 ME and 0 IE (e.g. Amazon Dragon - FireNatureWaterAir)
4.1.0 - 4E dragon with 1 ME and 0 IE (e.g. Glowworm Dragon - FireNatureAirLight)
4.2.0 - 4E dragon with 2 ME and 0 IE (e.g. Natural Magic Dragon - NatureWaterMagicLight)
4.2.1 - 4E dragon with 2 ME and 1 IE (e.g. Extraterrestrial Dragon - NatureLightTwilightSpace)
4.3.0 - 4E dragon with 3 ME and 0 IE (e.g. Shadow Dragon - EarthMagicLightTwilight)
3.1.0 - 3E dragon with 1 ME and 0 IE (e.g. Obsidian Dragon - FireEarthMagic)
3.2.0 - 3E dragon with 2 ME and 0 IE (e.g. Gladiator Dragon - AirMagicLight)

Note: If the abbreviation/code is written as 4.2, 4.3, etc., it is assumed that there are 0 IE possessed by the dragon.

Q: What do the "stars" stand for?
A: The "stars" represent the Rarity of the dragon, armor, or amulet. Rarity is used to determine the health and attack order of dragons in battle. The possible rarities are as follows:
  Stars Rarity Example(s)
  1BronzeStar Common Fire Dragon, Armor of Nature, Amulet of Stone I
  1SilverStar Uncommon Heraldic Dragon, Armor of Magical Might
  1GoldStar Rare Agile Dragon, Armor of Boiling Magma
  2GoldStars Magnificent Battle Dragon
  3GoldStars Unique Hydra Dragon
  4GoldStars Epic No current in-game item has this rarity.
  5PurpleStars Legendary No current in-game item has this rarity.
  6SalmonStars Mythical No current in-game item has this rarity.

Q: How do I breed a ___ Dragon?
A: A full explanation of how breeding works in Dragons World can be found on the Breeding page.

Q: How do I breed a Steam Dragon, Rock Dragon, Brush Dragon, Full Moon Dragon, or Eternity Dragon? The game won't let me put ____ & ____ in the breeding cave.
A: Breeding opposing element dragons requires that at least one the dragons used in the breeding be a hybrid dragon (a dragon containing 2 or more elements).

Therefore, to breed a Steam Dragon (FireWater), you could use a Fire Dragon (Fire) and a Pearl Dragon (WaterMagic), but you cannot use just a Fire Dragon and a Water Dragon.
For a full explanation see the Breeding page.

Q: I placed X and Y dragons in my Breeding Cave, and the game says there are "___ hours" remaining on the breeding. What dragon should I expect?
A: The Breeding Time for all Dragons World dragon eggs are listed on the Master Dragon Chart, as well as on the Eggs page. Remember that several dragons have the same Breeding Time, so it may not always be possible to determine which type of dragon you have before it enters your Nursery. Also, this time is affected by certain Perks. The Breeding Index has sub pages that can be used to determine the correct breeding time based on any Perks the breeding pair possess.

Q: What do the roman numerals next to the dragon's name on the battle screen mean?
A: The numeral denotes the dragon's Battle Rank. An explanation of Battle Rank and how it is acquired can be found on the Rank page.

Q: How is who attacks first, you or your opponent, determined in the Dragon Tournament and Dragon League?
A: Dragons World first looks at Rarity, and then Dragon Level, to determine who attacks first.
  • A Unique dragon will always attack before a Magnificent, Rare, Uncommon, or Common dragon, and they then proceed in diminishing order (Magnificent before Rare, Rare before Uncommon, etc.).
  • If both dragons have the same rarity, the higher level one will attack first.
  • If both dragons have the same rarity, and are the same level, the attacker (you) attacks first.
  • A Unique level 20 dragon is guaranteed to attack first if you are the attacker (the one who started the battle).

Q: How often does Dragons World hold a Dragon Tournament?
A: Since the Dragon Tournaments started in March 2014, they have run 1 per week, starting on Tuesday (a few times delayed to Wednesday), and ending at 6:00 AM GMT the following Monday. There is only 1 week within that time frame that they did not run a tournament, and that was between Tournaments I and II.

Since 30 December 2015 (Tournament 91) the tournaments can be either a one week or two weeks event.

Q: How often/when will the next IAP release be, and what dragons will be offered?
A: Dragons World Wiki is not associated with Social Quantum (the makers of DW) and has no way of knowing how often, when, or which dragons will be offered in IAP releases. The releases are not done on any set schedule, that we can determine, and appear to change between new dragons and re-releases of older IAP content.

Q: How can I contact a DWWiki Admin?
A: A list of all the current Wiki Administrators can be found on the Dragons World Wiki Homepage. Please leave any messages on their Wall, and they will get back with you as soon as possible.

Q: I opened the Elemental Chest and did not get the Crystals or Dragon that were listed. What did I do wrong? What happened?
A: The Crystals and/or Tornado Dragon that are shown on the Elemental Chest screen are "bonus" items and they may or may not be received upon opening the chest. There is only a small chance that these "bonus" items will be contained within the chest, and there is no way of knowing if the chest will contain these extra items until it is opened.

Q: Why can't I visit some of the other players' islands?
A: This happens when the platforms (Android, iOS, and Windows 10) doesn't get the major updates at the same time. Usually the Android platform gets the update first.

Current major updates with their internal version numbers:

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