Essences can be acquired at the Magic Lab by splitting level 10 or higher dragons. Each dragon split will produce a number of random essences, chosen from the elements of the dragon, in a total quantity determined by the dragon's number of elements and level of evolution as shown on the Magic Lab page.  The dragon is destroyed in the process, " release(d) ... into their native elements to ensure the balance of magical powers all over the world."

  • The June 12, 2014 update allows the splitting of EVOLVED single element dragons.  These dragons will return 1 Essence if they have been evolved once (allowing progress to level 15) or 2 Essences if they have been evolved twice (allowing progress to level 20).

Essences can be sold from the Warehouse for 50,000ResourceGoldeach.

Whenever you attempt to purchase an item that requires essences, you may use crystals (ResourceCrystal) in place of any essences that you do not have in your warehouse. The total crystal cost is calculated from the sum of the crystal costs of the essences that are required to complete the transaction.  Crystals cannot be used in place of essences that you already possesses, only to acquire any essences that are lacking from the required total.

Example: You are short 2FireEssence and 1AirEssence needed to evolve a Desert Dragon. You can either wait to evolve the dragon until you have all the required essences, or pay 85ResourceCrystal (25+25+35) and start the evolution immediately.

Essence TableEdit

Name Essence Element Crystal Cost [1]
Fire Essence FireEssence Fire 25 ResourceCrystal
Earth Essence EarthEssence Earth 25 ResourceCrystal
Nature Essence NatureEssence Nature 25 ResourceCrystal
Water Essence WaterEssence Water 30 ResourceCrystal
Air Essence AirEssence Air 35 ResourceCrystal
Magic Essence MagicEssence Magic 40 ResourceCrystal
Light Essence LightEssence Light 40 ResourceCrystal
Twilight Essence TwilightEssence Twilight 45 ResourceCrystal
Time Essence TimeEssence2 Time 45 ResourceCrystal
Space Essence SpaceEssence2 Space 50 ResourceCrystal
Luck Essence [2] LuckEssence N/A 50 ResourceCrystal


  1. The amount of crystals that can be used to replace the stated essence in a transaction. Essences cannot be purchased directly.
  2. Used only in the Glowworm and Seabreeze quest events. A Luck Essence may be received when splitting any dragon, in place of one of it's normal essences, during an event for which the Luck Essence is available.