Dragon Resort
DragonResortStore Available Level 14
Buy 5,000,000ResourceGold
Sell N/A
Experience 2,500,000ResourceExperience
Build Time Instant
Size 10 x 10
If you need to free up some space in a habitat, you can send your dragons to the Resort. The magnificent creatures can enjoy the peace and quiet of a stay in the Dragon Resort while you put other dragons in your habitats.

Effect on DragonsEdit

Dragons housed in the Dragon Resort still exist but otherwise are in stasis. The resort is a place to store dragons for which the trainer does not have sufficient Habitat space without having to sell them.

While inside the Dragon Resort dragons can not:

Capacity & UpgradeEdit

Upgrade Cost Capacity
None - - 5 Dragons
First Upgrade 250 ResourceCrystal +10 15 Dragons
Second Upgrade 600 ResourceCrystal +10 25 Dragons


  • Dragon Resort (3D)

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