Dragon League is Dragons World's player-versus-player mode. Players can have their dragons fight against other players' dragons in teams of 3, with MythrilOre and ResourceCrystal as a prize.  


All players start in League 1 of the Dragon League. They are given a random group of 7 other League 1 players as opponents. Opponents can be fought in any order, and can be re-fought as many times as needed to win. Once all opponents have been defeated, the player gets the reward (1 MythrilOre and 3 ResourceCrystal) and moves on to the next higher League. Any opponent(s) that has not been defeated, will be replaced every two days.


The reward for defeating all 7 players in a League, is: 1 MythrilOre and 3 ResourceCrystal

  • Before the update where MythrilOre was introduced to the game, the reward was 3 ResourceCrystal and an amount of ResourceGold that depended on the League #.

Battle EnergyEdit

Players may have a maximum of 5 Energy (EnergyIcon) at a time[1]. Energy is listed on the opponent selection screen, in the upper-left corner. Attempting 1 battle against an opponent costs 1 EnergyIcon. Energy replenishes at a rate of 1 EnergyIcon per hour, or can be refilled instantly. The ResourceCrystal cost depends on how many EnergyIcon that needs to be refilled:

  • 1 EnergyIcon = 17 ResourceCrystal
  • 2 EnergyIcon = 26 ResourceCrystal
  • 3 EnergyIcon = 30 ResourceCrystal
  • 4 EnergyIcon = 32 ResourceCrystal
  • 5 EnergyIcon = 35 ResourceCrystal

Battle SystemEdit

Players choose teams of up-to 3 Dragons to fight for them. This team can be changed before/after each battle, but not during a battle.

One dragon from each side enters the arena at a time. The dragons then take turns attacking until one of the dragons is destroyed, at which time another dragon from that team is chosen to replace the defeated dragon in the arena. The battle ends when one side loses it's last dragon.

  • Trainers have 1 min 45 sec to make an attack or they forfeit their turn. (1 min delay + 45 sec timer)

All dragons have a Physical Attack, which does damage without elemental modifiers, and at least one Elemental Attack which deals elemental damage that may be affected (either positively or negatively) by the target dragon's elemental makeup. The physical attack can be used repeatedly, while the elemental attacks have a cool-down of 1 or 2 turns after being used. For 10 Crystals, players can have their dragon perform a super attack, or heal itself, as well.

Attack Skills (both Physical and Elemental) can be learned and upgraded at the Training Center.

Each dragon that achieves a killing blow against an opponent's dragon, even if the player ultimately loses the battle, will gain a point toward it's next Rank. A single dragon may earn multiple rank points during a single battle, assuming it delivers multiple killing blows.


  • Dragon League Opponent Selection Screen
  • Chinese vs. Flower
  • Predatory vs. Agile
  • Chinese vs. Polar
  • Gargoyle vs. Lava
  • Predatory vs. Rain
  • Chinese vs. Maple
  • Desert vs. Full Moon
  • Agile vs. Natural Magic
  • Predatory vs. Pangolin
  • Chinese vs. Battle
  • Mithril vs. Cloakwing
  • Chinese vs. Earth Magic
  • Agile vs. Deep-Sea
  • Pangolin vs. Fruit
  • Mithril vs. Double-Headed
  • Chinese vs. Rhino
  • Dairy vs. Pegasus
  • Chinese vs. Sunrise
  • Pangolin vs. Subterranean
  • Mithril vs. Ghost
  • Seabreeze vs. Dairy
  • Super Attack

Other InformationEdit

  1. It is possible to obtain total battle energy above 5 in the Dragon Tournament due to the rewards. This extra energy may be used in the Dragon League if so desired.
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