Crystals are the premium currency of Dragons World. Unlike Gold, Crystals are very difficult to acquire in large numbers without spending real-world money.

You can get crystals by completing tasks, clearing elemental obstacles, fighting in the Dragon League and Dragon Tournament, or as a gift from your friends.

Acquiring CrystalsEdit

There are many ways to get Crystals in Dragons World.

  • Finally, there is always the option of buying Crystals with money.

Prices on the table below are in US dollars. Exact prices vary by country.

Name Amount Purchased Cost ($) Crystals / $
CrystalPilePile of Crystals 35 Crystals 1.99 17.59
CrystalSackSack of Crystals 100 Crystals 4.99 20.04
CrystalBucketBucket of Crystals 230 Crystals 9.99 23.02
CrystalChestChest of Crystals 650 Crystals 24.99 26.01
CrystalCartCart of Crystals 1,500 Crystals 49.99 30.06
CrystalWagonWagon of Crystals 3,500 Crystals 99.99 35.00

Note: Excluding Special Offers

Spending CrystalsEdit

Crystals can be spent on almost anything in the game. Most timers in game, such as construction, breeding, and incubation, can be accelerated at a cost of 1 Crystal per hour or fraction thereof. Most hybrid and rare Dragon Eggs can be purchased for Crystals, as well as select Decorations. The Dragon Resort and Nursery can both be upgraded using Crystals to increase their capacity. And finally, Crystals can be spent in place of Elemental Essences, with the price depending on the type of Essence (as listed on the Essence page).