This page lists the common Templates specific to Dragons World Wiki for editing/inserting graphical links on pages and into other templates.

To use, simply type the [Template Text] into the desired location and the graphic associated with it will appear on the published page (with link if appropriate) as shown in [Example].
Note the squiggly parenthesis: {{ & }}

Please check the [Template Page] for any Arguments that may be available for a given template or for further information on the template.

Common Dragons World Wiki Templates
Example Template Text Template Page
Resource Icons
ResourceGold {{gold}} Template:Gold
ResourceCrystal {{crystal}} Template:Crystal
ResourceExperience {{exp}} Template:Exp
ResourceFood {{food}} Template:Food
EnergyIcon {{energy}} Template:Energy
ResourceTime {{hourglass}} Template:Hourglass
Token {{token}} Template:Token
Element Icons
Fire {{fire}} Template:Fire
Earth {{earth}} Template:Earth
Nature {{nature}} Template:Nature
Water {{water}} Template:Water
Air {{air}} Template:Air
Magic {{magic}} Template:Magic
Light {{light}} Template:Light
Twilight {{twilight}} Template:Twilight
Time {{time}} Template:Time
Space {{space}} Template:Space
Essence Icons
FireEssence {{essence fire}} Template:Essence fire
EarthEssence {{essence earth}} Template:Essence earth
NatureEssence {{essence nature}} Template:Essence nature
WaterEssence {{essence water}} Template:Essence water
AirEssence {{essence air}} Template:Essence air
MagicEssence {{essence magic}} Template:Essence magic
LightEssence {{essence light}} Template:Essence light
TwilightEssence {{essence twilight}} Template:Essence twilight
TimeEssence2 {{essence time}} Template:Essence time
SpaceEssence2 {{essence space}} Template:Essence space
LuckEssence {{essence luck}} Template:Essence luck
Crafting Icons
Red-HotLava {{red-hot lava}} Template:Red-hot lava
GraniteChunk {{granite chunk}} Template:Granite chunk
OakBark {{oak bark}} Template:Oak bark
SpringWater {{spring water}} Template:Spring water
CapturedCloud {{captured cloud}} Template:Captured cloud
MagicSpark {{magic spark}} Template:Magic spark
LightCrystal {{light crystal}} Template:Light crystal
DarkCrystal {{dark crystal}} Template:Dark crystal
SandsTime {{sands time}} Template:Sands time
MythrilOre {{mythril ore}} Template:Mythril ore
Example Template Text Template Page
Rarity Icons (Stars)
1BronzeStar {{common}} Template:Common
1SilverStar {{uncommon}} Template:Uncommon
1GoldStar {{rare}} Template:Rare
2GoldStars {{magnificent}} Template:Magnificent
3GoldStars {{unique}} Template:Unique
4GoldStars {{epic}} Template:Epic
5PurpleStars {{legendary}} Template:Legendary
6SalmonStars {{mythical}} Template:Mythical
Battle Icons
FireBattleIcon {{battle fire}} Template:Battle fire
EarthBattleIcon {{battle earth}} Template:Battle earth
NatureBattleIcon {{battle nature}} Template:Battle nature
WaterBattleIcon {{battle water}} Template:Battle water
AirBattleIcon {{battle air}} Template:Battle air
MagicBattleIcon {{battle magic}} Template:Battle magic
LightBattleIcon {{battle light}} Template:Battle light
TwilightBattleIcon {{battle twilight}} Template:Battle twilight
TimeBattleIcon {{battle time}} Template:Battle time
SpaceBattleIcon {{battle space}} Template:Battle space
CrossedSwordsIcon {{battle physical}} Template:Battle physical
Misc. Icons
New {{new}} Template:New
AndroidLogo2 {{android}} Template:Android
AppleLogo2 {{ios}} Template:Ios
FacebookLogo {{facebook}} Template:Facebook
Random Egg Icons
UnknownEggStore {{unknown egg}} Template:Unknown egg
MysteriousEggStore {{mysterious egg}} Template:Mysterious egg
SecretEggStore {{secret egg}} Template:Secret egg
InexplicableEggStore {{inexplicable egg}} Template:Inexplicable egg
EnigmaticEggStore {{enigmatic egg}} Template:Enigmatic egg
UnbelievableEggStore {{unbelievable egg}} Template:Unbelievable egg
MysticalEggStore {{mystical egg}} Template:Mystical egg
WonderfulEggStore {{wonderful egg}} Template:Wonderful egg
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