The book of dragons is a bestiary which contains all the dragons in the game.

The dragons that the trainer currently possesses are highlighted, and the trainer can select the [Show only mine] button to list only the dragons they possess.

Game FunctionsEdit

The Book of Dragons allows dragon trainers to boost specific perks of possessed dragons and earn tokens (Token) by completing tasks.

Example: The Fire Dragon can be enhanced by breeding two fire dragons to unlock +5% Satisfaction for them.
Be aware that you need to fulfill the tasks at any time to keep the perks/tokens. In the example above, if you sell a fire dragon (and only have one left) the +5% Satisfaction and token gained will be lost.

Every dragon has 6 tasks: 5 quests and 1 decoration task.

Completing a task will be rewarded with a new perk or increase the percentage of an existing perk[1]. These perks are added to all dragons of the same kind, e.g. the +5% Satisfaction in the example above is applied to all Fire dragons including new Fire dragons bred after receiving the reward.

  1. The +X Essence chances are individual perks, which means there are multiple chances to get extra essences from the Magic Lab.

A quest consists of ranking dragons, reaching dragon levels, equiping armors, and/or breeding dragons of the same kind. Each of the quests is rewarded with one token.

The decoration task requires the trainer to purchase and place a specified quantity of 3 specific decorations on their islands to unlock the enhancement. Each of the 3 decorations needed is rewarded with a token (i.e. completing a decoration task will earn you 3 tokens).

The tokens earned is only used to show the trainer's progress and a list of the Top 100 Players with the most tokens.

Perks ChartEdit

The Book of Dragons perks/boosts can be found on the Book of Dragons Perks Chart page.

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