Since the Game Update released during 25-28 April 2015, a new Battle Essence Reward is given randomly for beating the opponent's team in the Tournament and the Dragon League. The chances to get the reward and the number of essences given, are shown in the table below:

Rarity[1] Stars Probability Reward[2]
Common 1BronzeStar 5% 1 Essence
Uncommon 1SilverStar 10% 1 Essence
Rare 1GoldStar 2% 2 Essences
Magnificent 2GoldStars 5% 2 Essences
Unique 3GoldStars 25% 4 Essences
Epic 4GoldStars 60% 4 Essences
Legendary 5PurpleStars 70% 5 Essences
Mythical 6SalmonStars 80% 5 Essences
  1. The rarity of the rarest dragon defeated from the opponent's battle team. There are currently no dragons with a rarity higher than Unique.
  2. How the essence reward are "randomly" selected, are explained below.

Algorithm to choose the Battle Essence RewardEdit

The essences you can possibly get as a reward, is selected from a set of elements that is the intersection of A and B, defined as:

  • A: The elements you have unlocked by your current level (a table of when each element are unlocked, can be found here: Elements).
  • B: The elements from the opponent's rarest dragon (the one with the highest rarity - if there are more than one, then it's the one with the highest element(s)).


  • If you are level 17, the highest essence you can get as a reward is the Twilight Essence (but only if one of the opponent's rarest dragon possesses the Twilight Element).
  • If the opponent's rarest dragon has the Time or Space element, and your current level is 17 (i.e. the Time and Space elements have not yet been unlocked), then you will not be able to get the Time/Space essence as a reward.

The essences will be "randomly" chosen, by looping through the lowest to the highest essence. For each essence in the loop, it will look at how many essences are left to be rewarded (minus 1 - might be a quirk), and based on this number, it will randomly (by fair chance) choose a number of essences you get of this specific type.


  • 4 essences are rewarded, and starting with Fire, you will get the following probabilities:
    • 25% chance of 0 Fire Essences
    • 25% chance of 1 Fire Essence
    • 25% chance of 2 Fire Essences
    • 25% chance of 3 Fire Essences
  • 4 essences are rewarded, and the algorithm already chose 1 Fire Essence as a reward (i.e. 3 remaining to choose). Then you have the following probabilities to get Earth Essences as a reward:
    • 33.333% of 0 Earth Essences
    • 33.333% of 1 Earth Essence
    • 33.333% of 2 Earth Essences

The quirk with minus 1, means the last essence in the reward will always be the highest essence (based on the intersection of the set defined by your current level, and the set of elements from the opponent's dragons you defeated).

Because of this quirk, you will always be rewarded with at least 1 of the highest essences, and the rest will have the best chances to be selected from the lower end of the essences.

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